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My Background

Dr. Audrey Lynn Grady is a Prince Edward Island native hailing from the Freetown area. While growing up, Audrey and her family spent many weekends at the rink watching and playing hockey. After graduating from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science focusing on Nutrition and Dietetics, Audrey moved to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a degree in Naturopathic Medicine.


In May 2019 Audrey graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree.  

While living in Toronto, Audrey developed a love of travelling, renewed her love of hockey and fitness and developed a knack for cooking a delicious meal with whatever she could find in the fridge. 

Now Audrey lives in Summerside, PE with her partner Josh and their giant puppy Zeke. Audrey is so happy to bring her love of wellness back to PEI and to once again join the community she she grew up in! 


My Approach

Audrey’s toolbox of Naturopathic Medicine includes treatments with nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physical manipulations, massage therapy, nutritional guidance, along with a keen interest in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Meet The Team


Natalie Hennessey
Chief Operating Officer

Natalie is the co-owner and COO of Dr. Grady, ND and is in her intern (and final) year of the Doctor of Naturopathy program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

You may chat with Natalie if you reach out via any social media platforms or via email, as she is responsible for our consistant presence on social media! 


Danielle Kwiatkowski
Office Manager

After growing up in Sherwood, PE, Danielle graduated from the dental assisting program at Holland College. Through personal growth and and a keen interest in health and wellness, she decided to join the team at Dr. Audrey Grady’s offices in Summerside, PE in early 2022. 


When she’s not keeping the office from falling apart- as our wonderful Office Manager- Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 dogs + 2 cats! Danielle has a passion for healthy living and focuses on weight lifting, plant-based recipes and spending time in nature. 

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